Small rehersal

Here’s a small rehearsal of ”Into You”.

Really like this song by Ariana Grande.


Into You

Throwback; Judas

A song I attempted making a cover of, still like it and it never grows 

Judas by Lady Gaga 

Turmeric and lemon

Lately I’ve been experiencing some issues with my bowel movements – namely constipation and lots of sluggishness after my meals. But, what a relief to know: hot lemonwater actually helps (!!). A great relief. Especially if you’re hypothyroid and have other issues on top…



Talking about slugishness, you have to try turmeric plus hot water. Such a slurge of energy straight away! It really works. You can flavor it with some sugar or cardamon, or to your own liking. Just remember to not take too much, a pinch is more than enough!

”You have spoken in my hearing”

Job 33:8

Often I try to rationalize things…today after meditation, I kept reading and repeating this sentence – it does make abig difference renewing your mind or as a help for concentration.


Try it!



Doll pics

1487443773029240992326.jpg1487443482367-19459424641487410682519-992503921.jpgSome cute doll pics1487410049592-672235386.jpg

Long time no see

I’ve dived into some real interesting passages of the Scripture these days, namely Zephaniah and Habakuck. Will write more on my spiritual journey with these texts soon.

The prayer templates and dialogue in Habakuck are interesting in the sense that they work. I’ve had joyful deliverance from various trials using them. As for reading Zephaniah, it gives that extra boost those gloomy days.

”On that day I will gather you together and bring you home again”~Zeph 3:20

”His brilliant splendor fills the heavens and the earth is filled with his praise~ Habakkuk’s prayer; Hab 3:3