Small rehearsal

Into You ~

One of my fav songs by Ariana Grande; Into You. Will try and cover it soon! Rehearsal link above.


-Bread dipped in olive oil and herbs

-Noodle soup

-Applesauce/cream,  Jell-O, whipped cream, fromage

-Soy milk, nuts, seeds

-Olive oil blended with 3/4 water

-Reading the Word (or any positive text) loud with water(fluid).

Pick your battles wisely.

Sow a harvest using your speech and treatment of yourself and others. Words are sometimes all we have and they matter!

Spiritual food just as important as normal diet!

Look at who is in your life and what they are saying.

Sow God’s Word in your heart. Don’t let anything steal your focus from God.




















Energy boosts

Here are some energy filled Scriptures I thought I’d share, works great to read loud:

Book of Job 33:1-33

”Look, you and I both belong to God”o

Job 33:6


With the right thoughts and enough energy, dreams can be realised and God’s plan for your life put into action!


Imagine a world like this: freedom and kitsh! 🙂

Surah Jinn and Surah Nisaa is really interesting. Eg. Surah Nisaa speaks about female rights, laws on inheritance and many others. Surah Jinn on the other hand elaborates on the fire created spiritual entities called Jinn, and how some of them glorify and follow the Quran, whilst others parted to other ways.

Interesting reading. Have a read.

Small rehersal

Here’s a small rehearsal of ”Into You”.

Really like this song by Ariana Grande.


Into You

Throwback; Judas

A song I attempted making a cover of, still like it and it never grows 

Judas by Lady Gaga